Show them you know them—Personalization is the primary marketing tool to building relationships

March 18th, 2014 | Written By: admin

Personal Touch Direct MailDo you have a favorite restaurant, bar, or coffee place where the employees know you? Do you have a vacation place, club, or hobby where you are regularly recognized and made to feel like you belong? Does your dealership provoke those same feelings for your customers?

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes when they receive a marketing communication from your store. It could be a reminder letter, postcard, email, etc. Are they thinking about whether they need service, who they service with, or both? Our marketing strategy is unique because we put a strong emphasis on the dealership and the customer’s decision about WHO they choose for service and not just WHEN they need service. The goal in marketing is to connect with your customers. Sixty-six percent of marketers list improved business performance and customer experience as the main driver for 1-to-1 personalization. Set the scene by making your customers feel the way you do when you go to your favorite place where everyone knows you.

How do you give your marketing a personal touch?

Who you send it to – If you can make the message relevant to the client, your responses go up. Make the message relevant to the person and not the vehicle. For example, Traffic Builders divides your customers into six unique lifecycle triggers to match the message to the customer need. In a recent survey by Monetate Infographics, when asked if they valued privacy or relevancy, 64% of the consumers surveyed “believe it’s more important that companies present them with relevant offers [than offer privacy by not tracking browsing and buying activity].” Seventy-five percent of those asked also said they “prefer that retailers use personal information to improve the shopping experience.”

What to say – Since each segment is unique, each message should be personalized to achieve this “show them you know them” marketing approach. From “Thank you” and “Where have you been?” to “We want you back,” each message should be specifically tailored to where customers are in their service lifecycle. By doing this, you are showing them that you care about each customer uniquely. “True personalization puts the customer in the lens, and allows marketers to present relevant offers and messages that develop a relationship throughout the customer lifecycle,” reports Monetate.
What you offer – When I say what you offer, you probably think of pure cost, don’t you? An offer. A discount. Well, you will get what you ask for if your “offer” is only about price. In reality, your dealership offers so much more than the aftermarket and possibly even more than what your competitors offer. How much advertising space do you occupy to tell customers how your dealership provides unmatched service?
Customers do business with people they know and like. Most dealers are interested in customers doing business with their dealership and not just the manufacturer. If you can make them feel wanted and appreciated in the dealership, you will get more response and, therefore, more retention, more sales, and more traffic. Giving customers that personal touch doesn’t just happen when you are face-to-face with them. You must engage customers with an effective marketing strategy, as well.

Much has changed about how we service and market to our clients. But to be truly successful, you must also understand what never changes. Showing your customers you know them and that you value their business is essential to driving traffic.

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