This brand is your brand…this brand is my brand

September 23rd, 2014 | Written By: admin

Customers needing their car serviced may call your dealership and ask… “Why should I bring my car to you instead of somewhere else?”  Honestly, do you or your service writers know the answer?  Simply put, why are you better than the competition?

BrandChalkboard-MI1Most customers know when they need to get their car serviced, but the more important questions are, “where to service their vehicles and why.”   Many consumers go to a dealership just because it is the dealership, but many consumers avoid you for exactly that same reason.  Manufacturers allocate time and resources to market their car line to current and prospective clients.  They also provide you with a program that helps you market to those same customers.   The best part about these programs is that they are put together for you and paid for, or partially paid for.  But is that enough?

You know the market leaders in your city, district, or region.  More than likely, they have a strong reputation and consumers know it.  What you might not see is their commitment to manage and market their unique, local value above all other choices. Market leaders focus on, and heavily sell, themselves.  They put their brand above the national brand to establish and keep a lead in their markets.  Whether you have another dealership in your immediate market or you are competing with the aftermarket, taking your brand into your own hands is essential for high-level success.  A manufacturer’s program provides a base, but the icing is what makes the cake attractive.  That brand is your brand.  Notice the differences:

Manufacturer’s brand (their brand)

  1. • Warranty on parts and labor for a certain period of time
  2. • Certified and factory-trained technicians
  3. • Genuine factory parts
  4. • Dealer knows their vehicles best
  5. • Free maintenance plans

Dealer brand (your brand)

  1. More convenient and complete service offerings – Extended hours or weekend hours, complimentary shuttle service, convenient location, online appointment scheduling, rental vehicles available with service, collision center on-site, one-stop shopping convenience
  2. Better value – Value pricing, full inspection with complete vehicle records, loaner cars, high-mileage programs, complimentary car wash with service, no-cost tire repairs, meet or beat any valid dealership coupon
  3. More personal service – A dedicated and experienced team, mobile app, service rewards program, dealership customer satisfaction award/service award, family-owned and operated, community involvement, unique promotions like ladies day, service clinics, etc.
  4. Better facility – More service bays, comfortable waiting lounge, Wi-Fi or workstations, complimentary coffee/snacks, children’s play area, state-of-the-art equipment

After looking over this list of ways to establish your brand, what do you have and what is missing? Ultimately, only you and your customers know your brand.  Dealers who learn to maximize that brand in their market are the market leaders.  Whether you are an athlete, scholar, parent, service manager or general manager, the race leaders are the people who take their destiny into their own hands. They value their influence and brand and don’t accept the norm. Is that you?

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